Each change list contains a brief description of the main new, improved and fixed features of kiwitrees included in that release.

Many of the new features are also accompanied by a screenshot of the feature.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of kiwitrees you should read this and also the Upgrade instructions for the new version. Together these documents should help you avoid any upgrading problems, and be prepared for changes to the appearance or functionality of parts of the system. Kiwitrees is a constantly evolving product, so such changes will happen every few months.

3.3.1230 August 2023View changes
3.3.1131 October 2022View changes
3.3.1024 January 2022View changes
3.3.925 February 2021View changes
3.3.819 October 2020View changes
3.3.725 February 2020View changes
3.3.613 September 2019View changes
3.3.527 February 2019View changes
3.3.43 October 2018View changes
3.3.39 March 2018View changes
3.3.28 December 2017View changes
3.3.114 September 2017View changes
3.3.012 April 2017View changes
3.2.32 November 2016View changes
3.2.223 June 2016View changes
3.2.115 April 2016View changes
3.2.01 March 2016View changes
3.1.131 July 2015View changes
3.1.021 July 2015View changes
2.0.126 April 2014View changes
2.0.021 February 2014View changes